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Penny & Tina

We got these girls off of Craigslist. They were posted as needing a home and for only a little money, so we went to check the situation out. We immediately knew we had to give them a better home. They are frightened by most people but might take food from your hand. Tina has a slight limp from where we believe she was bullied by a Ram in her past life. They were just sheared in April.


Our newest alpaca, Antonio (male), and Sassy (horse) came to us in December 2021. Their past humans got too old and sick to take care of them. Sassy was 200 lbs overweight and had some serious hoof issues. They were a herd and so we adopted them together. Under our care, Sassy lost weight and fully recovered from her hoof problem. In 2022, she was adopted by someone who loves to ride but had no horse. The two of them are having a blast out on the trails around Boise! 

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