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Rose and Arana


Rose is a Columbia-Suffolk sheep. Her wool is sheared every spring. We rescued Rose from a baby lamb mill. She was born February 2021. These babies were “sold” as fast as possible by a third party, after being rejected by a large meat farm, due to being born a triplet.They do this since the babies are usually too small for meat and don’t always make it (aka not worth it). We tried to save two, but Rose’s sister did not make it. She did have a wonderful 3 months at the farm and loved life for all it was worth! 

Arana (Spanish word for Spider)

Arana is a Barbados Black Belly lamb. She was born in Spring 2022. For reasons unknown, she was separated from her mother and the herd, and wound up on her own, under a vacant house in a high traffic area of Emmett. Arana is a tenacious, extremely fast, little survivor, so it took us a while to catch her. When we finally did catch her and bring her home, she kept trying to escape - at one point climbing/jumping over a 6 foot stone wall - thus the name Spider! Once she was introduced to her tribe - Badger and Rose - she quit trying to escape!

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