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Runt, Ruckus and Badger

Updated: Feb 9

Runt and Ruckus, brothers, and Badger, their buddy, became part of our family in August 2020. They were being auctioned off for their meat as part of a fundraiser for our amazing local Fire Department. So of course we had to out bid everyone and bring them home!

They are one-year-old Katahdin sheep, a breed named after Mt. Katahdin, the highest peak in Maine, the state where they originated. They do not produce a fleece and therefore do not require shearing.

Runt, Ruckus and Badger are wethers - adult male sheep that have been castrated so they cannot breed. They are easy going, super friendly and make great herd leaders since you can train them easily to lead other sheep in and out of the pasture.

Our boys would love to run with you during “recess” when we let them and our Nigerian Dwarf girls out on the lawn for play time and treats!

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